One Enchanted Day

For the Fairies and Humans get to play. 

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The Enchanted Fairy Festival invites you to be part of the festivities!

Learn how to make recycled paper, do a craft, earn a badge, participate in a class. 

Dancing, singing, and demonstrations galore. 

Volunteer for 2 hours and get free admission :) 

Join us at our openings ceremonies while we greet the day and our closing ceremony and parade where we send our wishes skyward. 


There are multiple play areas at Cousler Park, There is a beautiful and scenic pond, open play areas, as well as playgrounds for kids to play at. 


Visit our specialty vendors with their magical goods. Home made, custom goods and food available as well as face painting. Masks, costumes, instruments, teas, goods and services all in one unique location. 

If your child is interested in more information on becoming a girl scout we will be happy to talk with you about opportunities in your area. 

Only 1 of each kind of vendor is allowed. Please fill out form completely.

Volunteer for 2 hours and get free admission for the day.