Enchanted Fairy Festival

September 16th 10-6pm 2023

September 17th 10-4pm 2023

Springettsbury Township Park 1501 Mount Zion Rd York, Pa 17402

One Enchanted Day

For the Fairies and Humans get to play. 

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Thank you to our Sponsor above for supporting fun and creative things to do outdoors ! 

We appreciate you!


 individual pricing Adults and Children 3-100 are $10 and under 2 is free :)

When the time is ready we will post ticket sales on Events.com

You have two ways to purchase tickets 

1. Go to Events.com and get tickets ahead of time

2. Bring cash and pay at the mushroom ticket booths

                               Lemonade Mermaid

                             Grandma Swordwhale

Delphine the Fairy

                          Guenevere the Bubble Fairy 


         Sweet Pea Fairie

            Everybody Drums!

       Join in at the event!

          Giants Extraordinaire

           The tree is alive! 

                         Soolah Hoops -  Hoop Expert 

                         Artz in Motion !!    artznmotion.com

                              Harpist - Jo Diodato

Frenchy and The Punk


      Local York teen band! 

                  Tower Green


The Enchanted Fairy Festival invites you to be part of the festivities!

Learn how to do something new, do a craft. Participate in a fairy search and find.

Dancing, singing, and demonstrations. 

Volunteer for 2 hours and get free admission

Join us at our openings ceremonies while we greet the day and our closing ceremony and parade where we send our wishes skyward. 


There are multiple play areas at Springettsbury Park,

We are excited about the event and so much to do and explore! 

Dress up Dress up Dress up. Its ok to have fun and be something magical or scary or unheard of!


Visit our specialty vendors with their magical goods. Home made, custom goods and food available as well as face painting. Masks, costumes, instruments, teas, goods and services all in one unique location. 

If your child is interested in more information on becoming a girl scout we will be happy to talk with you about opportunities in your area. 

. Please fill out form completely. Payment can be taken over the phone or mailed in. Payment can only be made to 717-600-9344 ask for Katie. We have seen others trying to scam on our Facebook page.

Volunteer for 2 hours and get free admission for the day.

Please fill out a volunteer form and we will add you to the Facebook too!

                                Krystal Younglove

Belly Dancing

            Whispering Rise Farm and Animal Sanctuary

                             The Giggling Gargoyles